04.08.2017 Concert Tour

From this moment available: Tickets for concert tour „Trouvailles Pianistiques“ on

23.10.2016 Crowdfunding

A new crowdfunding campaign to support two concerts with music by Emil Frey in Berlin and Zurich > support us

17.06.2016 Staatsoper Berlin - Refugees Welcome

At the "young Staatsoper" Berlin there is a new project since a couple of months- so called "welcome-classes" and groups of refugees (children and teenagers) are invited to participate in a 4-hours-workshop to learn about opera, musical theatre, to play, have fun and combine language, music and movements. I am part of the coaching staff.                


20.05.2016 Portrait

Flavia Bonanomi for Aargauer Zeitung. > read here

10.02.2016 - CD-Review

Sybille Ehrismann for Landbote Winterthur. > read here

01.01.2016 - New CD

Very soon available on Toccata Classics, but already in my hands: Emil Frey piano music, Volume one.   
> Release Information on Toccata Classics

16.10.2015 - Review Badener Tagblatt

Review by Walter Labhart for Badener Tagblatt. > Review

Upcoming Concerts

  • 1112
    Hauskonzert Berlin, Klavierrezital
  • 1117
    Marianischer Saal, Luzern, Klavierrezital


  • 1118
    Postremise Chur, Klavierrezital


  • 1119
    Neuwiesenhof Winterthur, Klavierrezital


  • 1121
    Les Salons, Genf, Klavierrezital



  • 1123
    Villa Boveri, Baden, Klavierrezital


  • 1124
    Bürgerasyl, Stein am Rhein, Klavierrezital


  • 1125
    Menuhin Forum, Bern, Klavierrezital


  • 1128
    Centre le Phénix, Fribourg, Klavierrezital


  • 1130
    ZKO Haus Zürich, Klavierrezital